Albaik Madinah: Nothing Better Than Albaik

Albaik Madinah is one of the most famous fast food restaurants not only in Madinah but also in many other cities of Saudi Arabia.

Albaik’ Success Story

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Albaik is known for its signature crispy broasted chicken. The chicken is marinated in a secret blend of spices and then coated with a crispy golden batter. In addition, it is then deep-fried to perfection resulting in tender and juicy chicken with a deliciously crunchy exterior. The flavor of the chicken is unlike any other making it a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Know the Reasons behind Albaik’s Success. 

Best Food in Madinah.

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Albaik, Madinah Has NO Comparison


Although there are multiple fast food restaurants including Hardees and KFC in Madinah but Albaik is beyond comparison. One can determine the fame of Albaik by seeing a long ques in the Albaik reception. Women line is often short. So, if You are willing to get rid of the rush, it’s better to send a female member from your family to place and recieve the order.

Best food in Madinah

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No Family Rooms for Dine-in in Albaik, Madinah

Albaik in Madinah is a restaurant chain known for its family-friendly dining experience. Before the COVID-19 pandemic Albaik in Madinah offered family rooms for dining.

The Story Behind Albaik’s Success 

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Currently the family rooms are closed and the only option available is take-out service.

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Variety of Fast Food:

Albaik serves a variety of fast food including chicken broasts, burgers, fish nuggets, broasted prawns, breakfast items and beverages. In addition to these, they have introduced a number of new items including falafel sandwitch, Baikeez etc.

Chicken broast items-albaik madinah


Albaik Broast Prices, Al baik Madinah Menu:

Albaik broasts have a number of options with half 4 pieces spicy and non spicy meals. Along with half meal pack, Albaik also has a full meal 8 pieces pack. On behalf of my family, 3 half meal packs are more than enough with 2 adults and 2 kids of almost 5 years old. The half meal pack includes crispy fries, a bun and two Albaik garlic sauce and ketchups. Albaik staff, upon request give extra buns and garlic sauce too without any additional cost. One can buy them also, if needed.

Albaik Broasted Prawns

Albaik’s Broasted Prawns are a flavorful twist on a classic seafood favorite. The prawns are coated in a special blend of herbs and spices before being broasted, a cooking technique that combines pressure cooking and deep frying to create a crispy exterior while locking in moisture and flavor. The result is juicy and tender prawns with a satisfying crunch that will leave your taste buds begging for more.

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Signature Garlic Sauce:

One of the highlights of dining at Albaik is the signature garlic sauce. It is a creamy and flavorful sauce that complements the chicken and other menu items perfectly. It adds an extra layer of deliciousness to every bite and is loved by customers. In fact Albaik is so famous for its garlic sauce that people often stock up on it to take home as a souvenir.

Albaik Madinah, Half and full Meal Broast Pack:

Albaik half and full meal pack is only availabe within the city and not on highways from Madina to Makkah or Madina to Jeddah.

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Previously Albaik half meal pack was of 12 SAR, almost 7 years back. Because of inflation, the prices keep on increasing from 13 to 15 SAR for a half meal pack. Moreover, due to the implementation of 15 percent VAT the revised prices are 17 SAR for a half meal pack and 33 SAR for a full meal pack.

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Ramzan 2024

Albaik has now introduced BAIKEEZ, a new item in thier menu. BAIKEEZ is just like a subcategory of half meal Albaik broast. Moreover, it consists of 5 medium broast pieces of Chicken thigh. The price for a single Baikeez pack which includes a bun, fries and garlic sauce is 12 SAR.

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Best Food in Madinah

Fish Fillet Burger:

Albaik has introduced a new fish fillet burger, a good and tasty filling snack. Flaky fish patty in the soft bun, which Albaik uses for double chicken burgers , combined with tartar sauce, pickles and cheese. The amount for this snack is 6 SAR.

In addition to its delicious taste, the Al Baik Fish Fillet Burger is also a convenient and affordable meal option for those looking for a quick bite on the go. Whether you’re grabbing lunch during a busy workday or enjoying a casual meal with friends and family, this burger is sure to satisfy your cravings.

Fish fillet burger

Albaik Restaurants Locations in Madinah

Al baik Madinah Location, Al baik Madinah near Masjid Nabawi

Hassan Mall Albaik branch Location

Albaik at al Salam Road Location

Albaik at Khaldia road Location

So, make sure to stop by Albaik on your next trip to Madinah and indulge in some delicious fast food that will leave you craving for more.


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