The City of the Prophet ( Peace Be Upon Him) is a center of attraction for people. Pilgrims from all over the world visit the Holy Makkah and Madina. Moreover, they look for good food, based on their interests.. I have listed below, a number of restaurants and cafes that serve best food in Madinah Munawwara. In addition, I have shared the locations of the mentioned food outlets for the ease of people. Also, for foodies here is a list of Top Restaurants in Makkah.

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Broasted Chicken:

Fast Food:

You should go for AlBaik. if You are a fast food freak. Firstly, Albaik is one of the most famous restaurants not only in Madinah. Secondly, a number of Albaik branches are there in many cities of Saudi Arab. Moreover, locals along with people coming from whole world, loves Albaik because of their delicious and unique taste. The Spicy half meal platter of AlBaik which is served with fries, mouth watering garlic sauce and buns, is more than enough for a healthy adult.

Other broast places include Mr Broast, a new broast place in Madinah and a good competitor of AlBaik. It has a crispy coating and a tender chicken inside. Al Waha is also an oldest broast outlet in Madinah since more than 15 years, but my favourite is Albaik.

Albaik, Madinah – Latest Broast Price and New addition to the Menu

The Story Behind Albaik’s Success


Fusool e Arbaa has the most luscious, delicious and tasty shawarma.  Because of its big size and heavy filling, a single serving is more than enough for an adult. In conclusion, according to my personal experience, I haven’t eaten a better Shawarma than Fusool e Arbaa. This shwarma literally melts in mouth.

Best shwarma: food in madinah

Other than Fusool e Arbaa , Rukn al Hadi is also one of the oldest shwarma shop in Madinah. Shawarmer also has multiple outlets, but my five star ratings for Fusool e Arbaa.

Albaik Madinah-Baikeez and New addition to the Menu

Arabic Rice, Mandi and Bukhari Rice :

Matam Bakraan, caters the most delicious Arabic Rice of Madinah. So, for rice people it is a must try. The owner of this café has an honor of serving the Royal Family of Saudia. Their Arabic Rice topped up with fried nuts, sphagettis and boiled eggs served with kuzi chicken tastes like heaven. Moreover, there is a dine-in place for families here, so one can enjoy along with their families.

Matam bakran Arabic Rice: best arabic food

Rice Lovers must also try Matam Amwaj ul Khaleej, because of their traditional Mandi rice with Madhbi chicken.

For meat lovers, Matam Romansia serves yummy rice and meat


Mutabbakh is one of the traditional item also available in breakfast, here in Madinah. It is a thin roti filled with a mixture of egg, chilies. In addition, in order to enhance it’s taste, Mutabbakh is served with lemon and green chillies. Ulfat near Masjid e Nabwi has a very tasty mutabbakh.

Moreover, there are a variety of fruit Mutabbakh also available in Madinah. This includes, Banana Mutabbakh.


Fool is another traditional breakfast item. This healthy item is made of libia beans. It is topped up with olive oil and green chillies. Matam Abu Zaid serves best fool and has multiple branches in various states of Saudia Arabia.


falafel Sandwich: healthy food

Falafel is made of chickpeas and is very healthy..Moreover, It’s sandwich is made of Egyptian bread stuffed with mouthwatering falafel. In addition to falafel, this sandwitch consists of a variety of vegetables, tahinia sauce and hummus. Vegetable lovers, along with weight conscious people must try this healthy item . Falafel Sandwich of Filfila An Nasr is really worth a try.

Albaik Madinah-Baikeez and New addition to the Menu

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Traditional Pakistani food:

Matam Taiba has delicious Pakistani food with hot Naan, so a definite place to go for desi food lovers.

Best food in madinah

Pilgrims usually don’t get good roti near Masjid-e-Nabwi. Matam Nirala Taiba serves the best Pakistani Naan. Usually Pakistanis crave for Pakistani naan, along with good tasty food.

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Other than Matam Nirala, Food Master another Pakistani Restaurant serves most delicious Singaporean rice.

Matam Atbaq caters delicious BBQ.

Shami Food:

For Shami taste, I recommend Matam Noor al shami, and Matam Rukn Al shami. Both the restaurants are equally good and serves very delicious Shami food in Madinah.

Turkish Cuisine:

Matam Istambol is the best restaurant for Turkish Cuisine, and is a must try place for food lovers. Secondly they have a good variety of Turkish Kebabs, tea and other items.

Seafood Lovers:

Matam Asbaq Bahrya is a must try restaurant for sea food lovers. The environment, the lavish dining hall and food is commendable.

Best Food in Madinah:

Hence,there are a number of great food in Madinah, that can satisfy the taste buds of all.


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