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Best shopping mall in Madinah: Find Everything You Need

Best shopping Mall in Madinah, where you can find every single thing for your daily needs. From branded outfits to normal daily wear, from kids stuff to daily grocery items, every aspect is covered in this blog.

Madinah Munawwara is a holy city and pilgrims love to visit this place Pilgrims usually look for dates, good food and love to shop for their beloved ones here. This blog covers different market places, along with the best shopping mall in Madinah.

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Rashid Mega Mall (Best Shopping Mall in Madinah):

Rashid Mega Mall is one of the famous malls of not only Madinah, but throughout Asia. It has a very long and beautiful fountain within the Center. This mall is fancy and very clean. In addition to this, it has multiple brands and variety of shops. Moreover, Carrefour and Home Center is within Rashid Mega Mall.


Rashid Mall

Taiba Center:

Taiba Center is located just outside gate 20 of the Prophet’s Mosque and has multiple shops. Moreover, this mall is famous for a variety of Abaya shops, food court and gift items and is one of the well known abaya market in Madina 

taiba center:mall in madinah

Bilal Market:

Bilal Market is famous for Abaya Market. A large variety of Abaya, Jewelry, hand purses are available here with comparatively reasonable prices. Mover, This market is also near to Masjid Nabawi and one can go to this market without taking a taxi or a cab.

bilal market best shopping mAll

AlNoor Mall:

AlNoor Mall is a vey clean, tidy and a beautiful mall. In addition to this, there are a number of shops in Al Noor Mall. This mall is on of the biggest mall in Madinah in terms of size and facilities. This mall has many activities for families. There is a play area for children where there are a number of electronic rides. In addition to the play area, there are a number of places in this mall to enjoy food. Hence, AlNoor Mall is a source of attraction for tourists, pilgrims and locals also.

AlQaraat Mall:

Al-Qaraat Mall, Madina is a famous mall with a variety of clothing, Children accessories and a great place to go with families. There is an ice-cream parlor and a few places to snack at.

Albaik Madinah

Aliyat Mall:

Aliyat Mall is also one of the famous malls in Madinah. This mall has a number of fashionable brands. Along with plumping tools and electronic items, grocery items and children toys are also available.

Hassan Mall:

Hassan Mall is also an attractive place for people to visit and shop at. The mall includes variety of clothing, cosmetic and shoes stores. Moreover, another feature of Hassan Mall is that Albaik, which is one of the most famous Outlet to eat at, is just beside. This makes it a great place to visit. In adiition to this, there is a spacious parking.

Haram Style:

Haram Style is a 20 SAR shop which mostly includes clothing, shoes, hand bags and purses. Ladies love to shop at Haram Style because of its competitive price.

Top Ten:

Cheap and best shopping mall in Madinah

Top Ten, as its name states includes majority products in 13 SAR. This Shopping Center has a huge variety of shoes, Night Suits, Purses, Women and Children clothing. Moreover, Top Ten is very close to Masjid Nabawi. Usually pilgrims don’t need a transport service to visit Top Ten.

Wow Five- Famous and Best Shopping Mall In Madinah:

Wow Five, as the name states is a great Shopping Center, where every single thing is of 5 Saudi Arab Riyal excluding Tax. Products include kitchen items, cutlery, clothing, daily necessities, cosmetics , children accessories and eatery items too.



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Best Shopping Mall in Madinah


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