Historical Places in Madina: Al ghars well

Historical Places In Madina: Famous Wells People Must Visit

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There are numerous historical places in Madina and Makkah. These historical places have a significant value by Islamic perspective. Pilgrims coming to Makkah ( Omra 2023: A Useful and Quick Guide For People ) and Madina love to visit these places as these places are a source of attraction for enthusiasts. This blog consists of the names and importance the historical Wells within and near to Madina. These wells are famous and holds a significant value as they are linked to Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). 

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Wells in Madina: Historical Places in Madina

Al-Ghars Well  (بئرغرس ):

al-ghars well: historical place in Madina

Ghars well is  one of the historical wells within Madina District.

The Al-Ghars well’s water is very sweet and refreshing. The Prophet Muhammad ( Peace Be Upon Him) drank water from this well, did ablution. Moreover, in some places it is stated that he put his blessed saliva in this well. Do to this feature, people from far accross travel to fetch water from this well. In addition, Prophet Muhammad ( Peace Be Upon Him) wished and requested to be bathed from the Al-Ghars water well after his demise.

This well is located on Qurban Road, 1500 meter northeast from Quba Mosque and around 6 kms from Masjid e Nabawi.

Omra 2023: A Useful and Quick Guide For People

The well was closed for people for some time but now it is fully functioning. Hence, Pilgrims and local people can visit it.

Location of this well.

Well of rawha:

Rawha well: best historical places in Madina

Bir-e-Rawha or the Well of Rawha has a great importance amongst the Muslims. The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) drank water from this well.

Ar-Rawha is a place outside Madinah where the Prophet (ﷺ) and the Sahabah rested on the 14th Ramadhan 2AH on their march to Badr. It is also reported that the Prophet  (ﷺ) drank from its well (Bir Rawha).

This well is around 100 kms from the blessed city of Madinah and holds a great importance for the enthusiasts and religious Muslims.

It is stated A large number of Prophets (almost 70 in a number), while travelling to Makkah passed through this well. Moreover, this was the same place, they offered Salah. 

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) along with his Companions, during the March to Badr rested at this place on 14th of Ramadan 2nd Hijri. 

The location of Rawha Well.

Ethiq Well & Garden:

Ethiq Well is located in the North of Quba Mosque and holdsa great value in Islamic History. Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) migrated from Makkah to Madina, after facing a lot of miseries. The people of Madinah welcomed them with joy and happiness. Moreover, Upon reaching Madina, this was the place where people of tribes of Aws and Khazrij greeted Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and his Companions. In addition, the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) rested for some time at the garden next to Ethiq well.

The Location of Ethiq well.

Uthman Bin Affan’s Well & Garden ( بئرروم ):

Uthman Well: historical places in Madina

Hazrat Uthman Bin Affan’s Well is of great importance, as this well is a symbol of great charity. This well is located around 5 kms from Prophet’s Mosque at the smallest area of AL-عقیق. Since more than 1400 years, the water is still flowing in this well.

This well belonged to a Jew named Rumat who used to sell the water frkm his well to Madinah residents and other people.This well was the major source of water for the people of Madinah. Because of this Madina inhabitants were facing quite a lot difficulty.

The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) assured great reward to the person who would buy it. Hazrat Uthman Bin Affan was a very rich gentleman and a great Companion of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). He was very generous so he bought this well from the Jew. Moreover, Hazrat Uthman, donated this well for the ease of people, and for Allah.

This well, is still benefiting a large number of trees, plants and farms but is temporarily closed for development purposes. Location of this well.

Famous and Historical Places in Madina

In conclusion, these are the most famous well in Madinah Province, and the must go historical places in Madina for Pilgrims. Moreover, People from all over the world do visit them throughout the year.

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