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Masjid al Nabawi, Medina, Saudi Arabia: Latest updates 2023

According to Research Medina Munawwara is the most peaceful, calm and soothing city of the World. This is the place where we just get the feeling of security and safety inside out. Moreover, everything here is so fascinating ,the surroundings, the environment, that one wish to live here forever. Masjid al Nabawi, Medina, Saudi Arabia is famous throughout the world, because of religious and historic purpose. It’s the same place where our beloved Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) is laid to rest. This Mosque is so mesmerizing and charismatic. The management and cleanliness is beyond perfection. May Allah grant us the mud of Jannat-ul-Baqi.

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Latest About Masjid al Nabawi, Medina, Saudi Arabia

Latest Update Jan 2024

Saudi government has now allowed the locals and pilgrims to visit the Holy Mosques in Medina and Makkah, after the long ban during Corona Pandemic. People can freely come to both the Mosques without any restrictions.

Riaz Ul Jannah: Appointment and Complete Guide For People

Nowadays , a large number of Pakistani pilgrims are seen in Masjid al Nabawi, Medina, Saudi Arabia as well as in Masjid-ul-Haram, Makkah.

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Umrah 2024

Appointment from ‘Nusuk‘ Appointment, Masjid Al Nabawi, Medina, Saudi Arabia 

We have to book an appointment from the ‘Nusuk’ app, for the Riaz-ul-Jannah appointment. ‘Nusuk’ was previously named as Eatmarna.

The appointment for Riaz-ul-Jannah was only granted once in the 30 days span of a month- But now as updated in May 2023, the appointment for Riaz ul Jannah is granted only once in a 45 days span.

Note: As Updated in December 2023 by Saudi Goverment Riaz Ul Jannah appointment Details are here.

Riaz Ul Jannah: Appointment and Complete Guide For People

Best time to Visit Riaz-ul-Jannah

Weekends are mostly crowded at its full capacity in the Holy Mosques. However, the best time to visit Riaz-ul-Jannah is from Sunday to Wednesday. Because the locals are engaged in their regular activities, there is less crowd on these days.

From Thursday to Saturday, Riaz-ul-jannah is more crowdy because of the locals too.

How to get the appointment for Umrah and Riaz-ul-Jannah?

In order to get an Umrah appointment or the visit to the Riaz-Ul-Jannah we must have any sim card from which we have to make an account on ‘Nusuk‘ app. From the same app we can take the appointment for Prayers in Riaz ul Jannah as well. We can also cancel our permits from the same application. As per latest update and experience, Permits can be cancelled before the scheduled appointment and new permit can then be issued. In case we forget to cancel there is no option of getting another appointment within the same month. One has to be very watchful before selecting the time as 24 hours time format is given in the application.

Salaam At Rawda For Men:

Men are allowed to pay Salaam anytime, but for Riaz-ul-Jannah , they have to book an appointment from the same application ‘Nusuk‘, stated above.

Ashab e Suffa's platform: Masjid al Nabawi Medina Saudi Arabia
Platform For Companions of Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) (Ashab-e-Suffah)

Salaam At Rawda For Women

Women Salaam can only be performed during the Riaz-ul-Jannah appointment. Previously women used to pay Salam from gate number 25, but now a days Women are allowed from the Qibla side to pay Salaam, which is the same area for men’s Salaam.

Riaz Ul Jannah: Appointment and Complete Guide For People

Location of Riaz-ul-Jannah

Salaam area and Riaz-ul-Jannah is just opposite to Main Gate 367 of Masjid al Nabawi Medina, Saudi Arabia, also opposite to Rua Al Hijra Hotel 

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The exit area of women Riaz ul Jannah is gate 34, right next to the entrance of men’s Salaam area. In addition Zamzam pullman and Rua Al Hijra hotel is just opposite to the Salam area.

Entrance For Children in Masjid al Nabawi, Medina, Saudi Arabia

Nowadays, Children of all ages are being seen in Masjid-al-Nabawi, but strollers for infants are not allowed within the Masjid premises. In order to go inside the Masjid premises, one has to carry infants in hands. Moreover, Infants are not allowed in Riaz-ul-Jannah. In addition, young girls with a valid Nusuk appointment, are allowed in the Riaz ul jannah

Lastly, may Allah grant us the opportunity to visit the land of Medina Munawwara from time to time and grant us the ability and power to follow the footsteps of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). 

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