Riaz ul Jannah : Appointment and Complete Guide For People

Riaz ul Jannah, a very important place for Muslims is located within Madinah. Moreover, this place holds a significant vale amongst Muslims. Riaz ul Jannah is located within Masjid e Nabwi, which is among the most sacred places of the world. Riaz ul Jannah holds 8 significant pillars with historical and religious significance, visit 8 sacred Pillars of Riaz ul Janmah.

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Historical Places in Madinah

Riaz ul Janah is also known as the ‘Garden of the Paradise’. This place holds an immense spiritual importance among Muslims. In addition, this place is considered as the most blessed place in Masjid e Nabwi. People from all over the world visit it and strive to pray two rakats nafil here. In addition to this, they try to spend maximum time Moreover, this place is almost crowded every time. To find the Sacred Pillars of Riaz ul Jannah view here

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Riaz ul Jannah is located between the Holy Prophert’s grave (the Mehrab) and the pulpit (Mimbar) inside Masjid e Nabwi. It is marked as the green carpeted area. There is a pillar named Istiwan e Aisha at this place. One’s prayer is answered here.

ashab e suffa riaz ul jannah salam area

Importance of Riaz ul Jannah

It is narrated in a Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)that the area between Prophet’ grave and the pulpit is a part of Paradise (Jannah).Therefore, Muslims consider it a sacred place and try to offer prayers in this part.

The 8 sacred Pillars of Riaz ul Jannah

Historical Places in Makkah

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Visitors of this blessed place, strive to offer Quran, Nawafil and other supplications.

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Ettiquettes, Conduct and Crowdness:

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Due to it’s spiritual religious significance, Rawda is often crowded. One must try to be respectful and maintain a high degree of respect within the Mosque premises specially while paying Salam and offering prayers in Riaz ul Jannah.

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Since, it is the most sacred places of the world people try to pray for themselves and thier beloved one.

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How to get apointment for Riaz ul Jannah?

Latest News About Riaz Ul jannah January 2024:

Uptill now Riaz ul Jannah appointment was granted once in a month. Later as the rule changed, the apointment was granted once in a 45 days span. But now as per the latest news from Saudia Arabia in December 2023, Riaz ul Jannah appointment would be granted only once an year.

This news has created a disquiet amongst the people living in the Holy City, as well as to people who travel quite often.

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In previous times, the gates from entering the Salam Area and Rawdah were different for men and Women. But, after the Corona pandemic, things got a lot in system. Moreover, the Saudi Government launched an application named Tawakkalna which later beacame Eatmarna. ‘Nusuk‘ app is the latest from which we can get Umrah and Riaz ul Jannah appointments.

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Gates for Women and Men:

Previously, in order to pay Salam and offer prayers in Masjid Women enter through Gate 25 of the Masjid Nabwi. Moreover, Salam Area for Men was from the Mehrab area (Gate 34) but now the Salam Area for men and women are side by side. It is just opposite to Main Mate gate number 365 of Masjid e Nabawi and opposite to Rua Al Hijra Hotel.

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